Facebook Marketing For Bulletproof Fanclub Page

Facebook marketing for Upgraded Self products from Dave AspreyLast Update: 28 Aug 2016 Facebook is a monster. There is no denying that fact. If you think how life has changed online in the last 14 years it is incredible. At the turn of the century Google didn’t exist, Facebook didn’t exist and even Twitter didn’t exist. When it came to social websites there were some basic forums where people could meet on the internet to discuss things they have in common. This was the beginning of the internet revolution.

It is just mind boggling all the services we have at our fingertips nowadays. We have moved from large, chunky computers that required loads of space to do basic tasks like a word document to tiny smartphones that can book a flight, pay a bill and tell you where you are in the world at the tap of an app on a touch screen.

This is why I love being in the website world. Not only is it fun to design beautiful works of art online, but it also keeps me hungry for more knowledge of what is out there and what people want when it comes to searching online.

First we had email, then basic search engines, now a complex search engine like Google that mines data all day long to keep things relevant to us. Now we have social media sites that not only mine what we are searching for, they can tell what time of day we are online, what are favourite colours are, how much money we make, what things we really read and watch and if we are looking for a relationship or not. It really is insane how much information these tech companies can discover from how we use the internet everyday.

I help clients make their presence better online. Of course a fancy website with catchy logo, pretty pictures and loads of good articles helps. However, most people don’t have a clue when it comes to setting up their business social side. That is an add service I provide for my clients. If you’d like a quote just drop me a line on my form here.

There are some great resources out there for how to optimise your social media websites and properties. I read all of these all the time as research on human behaviour is being studied all the time by multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies so that they do things right for all the different platforms.

I was reading the latest one about 7 powerful tactics we should know for Facebook fanpage marketing. This page gave tons of real good actionable information any social media accounts manager should be doing everyday. In fact I used some of the information recommended straight away on a clients page.

This fanpage has been growing organic momentum for months now. It is in the health, fitness, anti-aging and wellness sector. It is for people who are interested in the Bulletproof.com lifestyle products from Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec. Dave develops and produces private labels goods of loads of different health supplements, dietary foods, weight loss products for the ketogenic diet and memory enhancing devices. P.S. Little tip don’t pay the full price, first check if there is a latest coupon code here 😉 One such product is his trademarked Bulletproof® Coffee which has 1000’s of Facebook fans online. You can see how I use large relevant images, quotes, and questions as recommended best online marketing practice.

It really is simple and everyone could be doing it, but it comes down to a time factor. That is where the value of having a digital agency, like myself, be able to do the time consuming grunt work to portray your image they way you want it and get more loyal targeted customers.

Here are my top tips you should start implementing yourself right now:

  1. Create a fanpage (if you don’t have one already)
  2. Make a good looking banner
  3. Post content daily
  4. Post content when your audience is online, look at the insights tab for this info
  5. Mix up your posts with images, videos, contests, links to products and quotes

There you go rinse and repeat as they say in the online marketing community. I hope you found this useful and remember I can help you when you are ready for the next step in your business.